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Keep Smiling Ricky

by on May 3, 2012

I like Ricky Romero. He seems like the kid in high school who hung out with the tough kids, but deep down was a real sweetheart. Always smiling. Heart of gold. Hangin’ with uptown barbers. Watching the Lion King with his little sister. Moms love him. Fuck you too.

At the top of the 5th, I would have loved for Romero to have taken the 8-1 lead and continue to embarrass the high-flying, Hamilton-less Rangers, but then our boy went on to throw 15 pitches, only 3 of which were strikes. While I didn’t see the game, I’ll bet those walks were real ugly.

Following the gamecast, I got a bit nervous when I saw Ricky give up three walks to the 8-9-1 hitters in a row. I know that some of his 2011 stats can be a bit misleading (2.92 ERA? See: 2011 FIP of 4.20), and as a big Romero fan, I’m a tad concerned about his decreased strikeout and increased walk rates.

Sure, he pitched out of it and got the win (4-0! Cy Young Candidate! MVP!), but I’m hoping he was just distracted by thinking of inspirational phrases for future speeches to his sister’s high school instead of anything too serious. 

That being said, Drew at DJF wisely points out:

Thanks to the strong BLue Jays infield defense (and a whole truckload of double plays) his BABIP is lower than ever at .215. Something has to give, I fear.The matter of when remains unclear.

He didn’t look great pitching against the Rays, and while he pitched better yesterday, I keep thinking that something’s a little off in his approach. Still, Ricky Romero is an excellent pitcher, and maybe I’m reading way too much into a mediocre start.

Besides, maybe all he needs is a little home cooking and the LA sunshine.

Keep smiling Ricky.

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