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Zaun Flies Again

by on April 3, 2014

I didn’t even realize, or I’d at least forgotten, that @NoWaveJays followed Gregg Zaun on Twitter, given his lack of activity over the past few weeks and months. Then I saw this gem today, after Wilner shot down his idea that Adam Lind should be an everyday player by pointing to his career OBP against left-handers:

As I pointed out on Twitter, this is just a delightfully inscrutable tweet — I don’t even know how this comparison’s supposed to work. I mean, if Zaun were a manager who had just won a World Series, I’d get the “you don’t tell a pilot how to fly the plane he just landed” comparison, but I have no idea what Zaun’s referring to here. Does he feel like you become an expert on lineup strategy by virtue of being a player? Like, I’d say if the pilots are players in this analogy, then it’s the air traffic controllers (ie. the managers) who we should be deferring to anyway.

Anyway, this is how I’d imagine Zaun if he were a pilot:

Air Traffic Controller: “Zauner, we’ve got traffic on the right, so turn left heading 180 and maintain 8,000 altitude.”(*)
Zaun: “LOL, okay nerd. Is that what your computer told you? Ever flown a plane before? I got this.”


This is pretty low-hanging fruit, I know, but it’s been almost nine months since our last blog entry. We needed a gimme.

(* I have no idea what air traffic controller lingo sounds like.)

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